Wednesday, 8 March 2017

A Viking Camp

How about building one of these this summer?
I've got the land and the timber
You bring the tarps and the muscle, OK?
Email me to arrange if you're into doing it

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An inconvenient truth

Not all is sweetness and light in the world of renewable energy
Especially in regard to onshore wind turbines
Please let's have your comments on this serious matter
After all, we have killed enough in our mastery of the planet

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Sunday, 5 March 2017

The famous Foers Nomad and the boat

More on Wild Camping

So you've cleared your campsite & found the toilet & shower. What to do next?
Well there's a fire dish in the yard to cook a meal on; and this year I'm building a pizza oven!
Also, I have a 12ft dinghy with a small outboard and towing/launching trailer if you fancy a run around one of the many nearby lakes. Or buy a licence and do a spot of fishing. I can tow it there and back for you.
Also, if your vehicle insurance covers you, I have an interesting old pickup, a Foers Nomad (google it, you'll see a pic of mine there). You can do your shopping in it or drive to a walk. It's your choice.
So, it may be a wild camp, but it ain't that wild! Just diff'rent!
Pics of the boat and the Nomad to be put on YouTube