Saturday, 4 May 2013

Citi: The Solar Age Is Dawning - Business Insider

Citi: The Solar Age Is Dawning - Business Insider

Just trying out another app designed to make life easier!!! LOL!!! It's the bloody apps that complicate thyings in the first place; but ain't I a sucker for tech?

Friday, 22 March 2013

Want something fo free???

Free Water!
Have you noticed that a considerable amount of water is delivered to your house for free? We call this Rain! It falls partly on your roof, & is then directed into the drainage system of your property! We call this waste!
A simple set-up involving a tank & in some cases, a small pump, which can be run by solar power, can supply, say, your toilet flushing system at least.
Think about it! You know it makes sense! & if you want any help or advice on this please email me at:
Bye for now!

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

An Easy Way to Save Money!

Hello fellow travellers! This is the first blog on matters of energy self sufficiency since I re-jigged my website, & sorted the best blogging app out: Google Blogger! (yippee!)
And it's not directly about energy! No, it's about water!
So, to begin:
The following are generalisations which will apply to most of us with regard to our housing:
Our house has a roof. Inside our house we have at least 1 toilet. That is usually situated below the lowest level of the roof. We use alot of water each day flushing the toilet, or toilets; water that flows from our supply, which is all potable.
We live in a part of the world which receives a large amount of rain. An appreciable amount of which falls on the roof (To go back to the previous paragraph). It's not necessary to use drinking water to flush a toilet. The toilet is below the rainfall falling on the roof. Water, being heavier than air, falls down, etc. etc.. Am I making sense yet?
So why do we use precious drinking water to flush our toilets when we could be using rainwater, which is in plentiful supply, & present in (usually) over-abundant quantities?
All we need to do is to install, or have a plumber or builder install, a system for catching, containing, & distributing the rainwater to our toilet cisterns.
Not costly, either to install, operate, or maintain. Yet representing an immediate cost-saving to both ourselves, our community, & the planet!
Go on, do it, you know it makes sense!
If you want some advice on this, email me at:
Bye for now!