Saturday, 18 April 2015

Some more to the wind power argument
Electricity generation is probably the most important part of modern life. And much nonsense is talked about it, mainly by people who have not generated 1 watt themselves.
Well I have, & so I'd like to add my half pennoth of electricity generation knowledge to the argument.
I've been experimenting with producing my own electricity off-grid for the last 10 years, & I do so quite successfully; & I can tell you that it can't be done on a regular, everyday basis from wind power. I learnt that about 6 months into my project! Secondly, the pre-requisite to any off-grid project is to reduce your need for electricity. Then you're in with a chance of success.
I generate my power from solar panels, 6 one hundred watt panels, 4 heavy duty lead-acid storage batteries, a 75amp wind generator, feeding through a 1400watt converter system to produce my 240 volt supply, & direct 12 volt DC for lighting & some electronic equipment charging; & all backed up by a 4.5 kilowatt LPG fired generator. This latter comes on at either low battery voltage or high 240v circuit demand.
As for percentage of power from each source: it depends on the weather & the time of year, but a good majority comes from the solar panels. As for wind, anything from nil to 50% I would guess. And the genny comes online for the washing machine.
But remember the prerequisite! Cut your usage down before ever you start to go down the off-grid road! Otherwise you'll be pissing in the wind---when it blows, that is!

Friday, 3 April 2015

Energy storage

An interesting article, well worth a read if you found my last blog re UK energy policy useful.