Sunday, 5 March 2017

More on Wild Camping

So you've cleared your campsite & found the toilet & shower. What to do next?
Well there's a fire dish in the yard to cook a meal on; and this year I'm building a pizza oven!
Also, I have a 12ft dinghy with a small outboard and towing/launching trailer if you fancy a run around one of the many nearby lakes. Or buy a licence and do a spot of fishing. I can tow it there and back for you.
Also, if your vehicle insurance covers you, I have an interesting old pickup, a Foers Nomad (google it, you'll see a pic of mine there). You can do your shopping in it or drive to a walk. It's your choice.
So, it may be a wild camp, but it ain't that wild! Just diff'rent!
Pics of the boat and the Nomad to be put on YouTube


  1. A picture of the Nomad heads my Facebook account Doug Greenertech
    Boat picture to follow

  2. Pics of Nomad and boat on here now